RC Today Show 137: Bobby is Weak
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Author:  JustPlaneChris [ Wed Sep 10, 2014 7:15 am ]
Post subject:  Re: RC Today Show 137: Bobby is Weak

krea wrote:
What I was not expecting was the amount of stuff I would be shopping for, and buying since becoming a listener. I am keeping tabs so I can bill you.

:o :? :face

Author:  rickn816 [ Wed Sep 10, 2014 8:53 am ]
Post subject:  Re: RC Today Show 137: Bobby is Weak

krea wrote:
Bobby Barr wrote:
JustPlaneChris wrote:

I probably should have mentioned in my previous post that I do talk about the RC Heli Nation podcast from time to time on the show. They don't record their show with kids in mind, which is fine because they don't pretend to. Keep that in mind if it is your first time listening to them. ;)

I'll let me boys listen to them as well...in about 15 years! :rolling

I have to admit I was a little surprised when I tried a podcast from them after they were talked about on the IRCHA show. I appreciate you guys keeping it clean yet still funny. I just took it for granted that podcasts would be clean since I mostly listen to NPR stuff and your show.

What I was not expecting was the amount of stuff I would be shopping for, and buying since becoming a listener. I am keeping tabs so I can bill you.

You know, they do offer good, technical material. But the content would preclude a lot of younger people starting out in the hobby. I wonder if Nick will put his foot down when his boys are a little older.

Author:  Borneoben [ Wed Sep 10, 2014 9:11 am ]
Post subject:  Re: RC Today Show 137: Bobby is Weak

I like the technical content i have used their tech pages several times myself.

But your are right, they are not very PC and a little adult humor orientated but then again i guess that is the appeal for a lot of their listeners.
Not everyone has kids to worry about.

Author:  jv8 [ Wed Sep 10, 2014 5:30 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: RC Today Show 137: Bobby is Weak

I wasn't too impressed with their treatment of James' accident. That was the last show I downloaded.

Author:  exfokkerflyer [ Wed Sep 10, 2014 7:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: RC Today Show 137: Bobby is Weak

I will say that I listen to RCHN more than I would like admit. I was on the fence prior to the James event happened, the show had kind of taken a turn that I didn't really care for. But while it wasn't really what was said about James' incident that bothered me, it was the chest pumping afterwards that turned me off.

But, I drive quite a bit for work and I have to listen to something. Their humor doesn't bother me really, I guess it's more of the drama. Sometimes it seems like they are a bunch of teen age girls! I know that it's overstating it, but they have problems with this guy, or that guy... this website won't let them post, or that said something against them... really kind of silly. I have also seen some questionable things on their site from the hosts... maybe it was a bad day, but it turned me off.

I am sure they are different in person, but I have to admit that I found it odd that the two shows were so "cozy" at IRCHA. Not one thing wrong with it, everybody concerned can do what they want, but it seemed incongruous to me. FWIW

I end up turning off the podcast before it's done most of the time, as I have generally reached my limit. To be honest though, when RCTS gets really in depth with quads I do the same thing sometimes. So maybe I'm just an intolerant grump! :p

Tom M

Author:  Bobby Barr [ Thu Sep 11, 2014 5:39 am ]
Post subject:  Re: RC Today Show 137: Bobby is Weak

Tom I can tell you that you aren't the first one to admit to me when we get in depth on ANY particular subject that they will stop listening to the show if it is a subject they have no interest in. Often times Chris and I have discussed slightly more structure in the show that would go through all the other segments first, then save the "in depth" topic for the end of the show. Idea being if the main topic for that show is 3D helicopter competition and you have no interest, then you could still download the show and listen to most of it. From what I've been told there are times guys will not download the show if the title isn't something they're interested in. This is likely a great idea, but Chris and I both have A.D.D. and difficult for us to stay with structure for too long. :face

I must say the RCHN guys were really nice and fun to hang out with at IRCHA. The cool thing about this hobby is very, very rarely have I seen cases where someone really didn't like someone else. I've also found this hobby doesn't have many clicks. This is what is a big turn off for me with other hobbies. Sure there are cases here and there, but for the most part people in this hobby are friends before they even know each other. The fact is between the two shows I think it is a great thing that both exist, yet both are so different. We have some listeners who don't like RCHN for their talk about drinking and edgy feel to their show at times. As I've said before this is no surprise to their listeners. For instance I have kids but know not to play their show if I think my boys may walk in to the hobby room during that time. Their technical content is really good and it is great to have a choice when you are listening to podcasts. These days there are many without a doubt. Some are helis only, some are 3D airplanes only, and no doubt we each have an order that we listen to them in. Although we do at times have overlapping content between our two shows, they are so different from each other that we don't feel there is any competition. They are helis only where we all all inclusive and the two shows have a different feel. Even if you don't listen to their show I can tell you they are great in person and you will not be disappointed to hang out with them at an event. Maybe the only words of caution I can give is if you bring your kids with you to events you may choose to setup a few canopies down as still at times the verbal content would be "adult" related.

We feel this same way toward other shows as well. We are great friends with Karl, Tim & Mike from the CrashCast, heck I've even been on one of their shows. Daniel from ATTF is great guy and we've flown together and stay in contact. Gary Ford does a 3D airplane podcast and he is a friend and been on our show a couple of times. Cliff Whitney is a great guy has his own show and has been a guest on ours.

Point is we don't want to turn our hobby into any sort of competition whether it be between pilots, podcasts, brands or retailers. Show your support to your favorite podcast (RCTS :rolling ) by downloading our show, liking us on Facebook, spreading the word to your friends, and letting retailers know you heard about them on our show.

For Chris and I, we really appreciate the support and feedback. It helps us to hear what you guys like and dislike about our show so we can keep it progressing in the right direction. :thumbup:

Author:  Borneoben [ Thu Sep 11, 2014 6:28 am ]
Post subject:  Re: RC Today Show 137: Bobby is Weak

Well Said Bobby!!

Maybe we should start a thread on the forum about what listeners would like to hear in the show and we can discuss any new ideas regarding show structure?

After all its YOU guys, the listeners, who we do this for. (And the fame and fortune of course......... :lol: )

Personally i like to hear lots about Multirotors obviously as i am the show "Multirotor Specialist" (I thought i was just the "Token Brit" :thumbup: ) but i am also very keen to better understand 3D plane set up and flying technique as I am about to assemble my Vyper Bype (that i am actually a little scared of :o )

Bobby i think you should start a thread asking the listeners what they like the most about our show. Then when we have some data we can put together a show structure and see what everyone thinks?

Lets get some more feedback from our forum members.

Cheers all


Author:  exfokkerflyer [ Thu Sep 11, 2014 10:42 am ]
Post subject:  Re: RC Today Show 137: Bobby is Weak


I appreciate that it's a difficult subject in "comparing" podcasts to have on your forums. You guys have relationships with these other guys, friends etc, and that's great.

My only point really, was there is one huge difference between those two podcasts. And really, most podcasts and that one. And that's class. Not to say they are without it, but not at the same level as most. Perhaps it really is part of their shtick... I don't know. But I've heard that on their podcast, I have seen a little bit of it on their website "chat" window from a host. I just don't think RCTS should be considered in the same league as them. And I mean this as a compliment to you, Chris, James, Ben, Alex, and the rest of the clan. I could go into more specifics, but in the end, it's just one person's opinion.

I want to say just one more thing... I think of these podcasts not as a commercial entity, but as a furtherance of the podcastERS hobby, and we are just along for the ride. Some RC podcasts simply are a few guys BSing in a garage over a few beverages, others are much more sophisticated. But part of the charm of some is that it's a couple guys chatting about what they are up to in the hobby. For those of use who don't get a chance to hang out with our buddies and do the same due to work or family reasons, it's almost a substitute.

What changes is that for me is when you are bombarded with "hidden commercials". It's obvious they are shilling for their sponsors, a very normal and capitalistic thing to do. But when the hosts say something is the latest and greatest and go "all in" on it, but one year later they announce it as crap.. well it's annoying for obvious reasons.

You guys don't do this, but others do. Another reason that, as a listener, I don't tend to lump in podcasts with others and generalize too much.

Tom M

Author:  TheBum [ Thu Sep 11, 2014 11:33 am ]
Post subject:  Re: RC Today Show 137: Bobby is Weak

Good points, Tom. I agree that a lot of these podcasts are just like buddies getting together and BS'ing, and the forums just let more people get in on the conversation. The continuing discussion in the show thread helps deepen the meaning of what's presented in the podcast, giving it more of a universal appeal.

Author:  Hance [ Wed Sep 17, 2014 1:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: RC Today Show 137: Bobby is Weak

I listen to all the episodes start to finish. The humor pushes the PG standards just enough to be entertaining for adults but I can still let my kids listen to it. I did get strange looks from the boy when I was dying laughing at a long string of beaver jokes that he obviously didn't "get".

I did almost run off the road from laughing so hard after a particularly good one liner involving lions :rolling

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