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 Post subject: FPV problems with Blade 350QX series
PostPosted: Sun Oct 18, 2015 8:50 am 

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I've been off this forum for quite a while due to health. I recently viewed a review of the original Blade 350QX quad, (back in 2013-14), which mentioned that the author received a new Blade 350QX and was able with the help of two other people set up the quad with an assortment of electronics, get excellent FPV videos.

I've had my Blade 350 QX2 quad RTF for 5+ months and added a GB200 gimbal with Mobius (unshielded) camera. Flying with a Spektrum DX6i radio. Had a few good flights and excellent videos using my older Mobius camera. All flights in Safe mode. NO videos transmitted. NO transmitter attached. Just videos on a microSD card. Average time to GPS set, about 2+ min. Yes, I realize even 2 min to GPS is way too long.

So……..My next setup was as follows:
Controller: Spektrum DX6i.
I mounted the TX on the top front of the quad. Antenna vertical.
Regardless where I put the TX, and Mobius camera, I can't get a GPS fix.
I've taken the (disconnected) TX off the quad. No GPS!
I've taken the (disconnected) Mobius off the quad … No GPS
Both antennas running down the long legs seem OK.
The quad has the original BIND (RTF) as sent to me from Horizon.

I want to do FPV, thus combining my new Mobius (shielded), with a small transmitter (TX) (shielded with copper foil). Skyzone goggles and FoxTech 7 in. video monitor. I get excellent videos in my house from Mobius TX'd to either goggles or video monitor with the quad setting on a table.. The quad is not on in the house. Haven't taken quad out with all attached, because of GPS fails outside.

Currently, I have the quad apart and have used aluminum tape to cover the inside area base which is above the gimbal mount. Also, the foil covers the bottom and sides of the battery cage. Upon opening the quad, I see that the square, gold-covered GPS antenna (I'm presuming that's what it is) is mounted vertically against the battery cage. The (postage-sized GPS unit) is mounted on the right wing next to the battery opening.

I did note in the authors' review (mentioned above) that his 350QX quad's GPS arial and unit was mounted in the square tray above the battery cage. On my 350QX2, the arial is mounted vertically on the side of the battery cage and the GPS unit mounted on the inside edge one arm.

I've thoroughly checked for any wire or plug-ins loose or broken. Everything appears OK.

I recently recd. a reply from a tech at HorizonHobby, suggesting I check the on/off of the GPS by following the directions on page 8 of the Blade manual. However the directions refer to utilizing an illustration of an older Spektrum controller--- without recognizing that I'm using a Spektrum DX6i that has different switches. I replied to Horizon that I don't have the type of controller that is referred on pg 8, and am awaiting further instructions.

So--- While I'm awaiting further from Horizon and any possible help from this and other forums I've joined, I'm going to take the quad lower half (with all the wiring, etc.) my DX6i controller, hook up a battery, try to see if I can get a GPS (solid green) fix outdoors in my large open grassy fields.

Sorry that this thread response is so long. I feel I need to provide detailed info in hopes someone has an answer to a fix.


Friday, I recd. this email:

Thank you for contacting Horizon Hobby.

The 350 QX2 was not really designed for FPV use. With all of the electronics so close together it may be very difficult to get GPS lock and not to mention more electrical noise. You can also try checking and verify there is no weak connections or any damage with any of the wiring. You can also try and reposition the GPS receiver/antenna up higher and/or away from the other electronics. Hope this helps.

Albert Y.
Product Support
Horizon Hobby, LLC


Thanks for the SOAPBOX!

Rick Mac
Response can be thru this forum, but especially to my special email at

 Post subject: Re: FPV problems with Blade 350QX series
PostPosted: Sat Oct 22, 2016 10:54 am 
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Binding for GPS on/off is just aileron stick position when binding, so doesn't matter what transmtter you are using.

Bind with aileron held left will enable GPS, held right will disable GPS, in the middle will leave whatever GPS setting was set previously, if you search youtube for 350QX GPS bind there are some walkthroughs showing this, so you can easily check/rebind to confirm GPS is enabled, however if this was previously working I would backtrack what you did when mounting the vtx (did you pop the lid to power from the circuit board, could you have disturbed anything while doing this?

You should not mount anything on top of the quad, as it will block GPS signal, you can even get reduced GPS cover just from putting your hand over the top, With my 350QX I mounted FPV transmitter underneath, with antenna pointing downwards (right angle plug in antenna), that way the battery should shield GPS receiver from your vtx, I had no problems doing this with the original 350QX with both gopro3/immersion vtx, and fatshark 600tvl on the same immersionrc vtx, and don't see why it would be any different with QX2, as I am pretty sure the basic layout is the same.

 Post subject: Re: FPV problems with Blade 350QX series
PostPosted: Sat Oct 22, 2016 12:59 pm 

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Many thanx Jamesb72!

Finally got my health back to a point to hopefully enjoy my quad before the winter sets. If not, I’m hoping I’ll be healthy enough to enjoy next Spring.

I’ve been out of “touch” for so long I’ll have to re-educate myself on Binding and other ‘techey’ stuff.
So far, I’ve put in over $1500 into the ‘project. (Lost 1st one in a fly-a-way and gratefully recd. replacement, free from Horizon.)
I’ll try to post to this forum on any success I have.

THX again.

RikMac :thumbup:

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