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 Post subject: DIY Waterproof Quad
PostPosted: Tue Dec 16, 2014 6:33 pm 
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I was sitting in the boat the other day and thought it was such a nice day for a fly. I have often been tempted to take one of my quads out with me but really I am too attached to them to see one sink to the bottom of the ocean. When I got home I started to look at what's available in terms of waterproof quads. The quadH20 ( looks great however its $849 price tag just for the frame is a little to expensive for my taste . You can get the "aquacopter" frame for $119us probably around $160ish by the time I got it to Australia. So I decided to see what I had around the house and make something myself. It was also a good excuse (but really who needs one of them to buy new toys) to order a couple of things I have been meaning to try.

Parts list

Lockable plastic container: $4 (first check the cupboard you'll probably have one)
13mm Square dowel: $8 (or check your timber stack)
Pool Noodle: $1 (That's the frame taken care of for $13 so im $836 in front so far :clappp )

Turnigy 2830 1000kv $48
HK kk2 HC* $35 (been meaning to grab one of these to play with so this was a good excuse)
Qbrain 25 amp 4in1** $38 (not sure this was a good choice)
Props SF 9047 $8
Radio/batteries/camera $0 (We all have plenty of these laying around so we don't include them in the price do we :thumbup: )

After a couple of hours in the shed you'll end up with something like this

* If you haven't seen one the HK KK2 Hard Case is a KK2 board in a plastic case without a screen. The screen is a separate board with a ribbon cable that is hot pluggable.

** The Qbrain runs bloody hot, so hot you can't touch it after a flight. Originally I installed emax 2822 1200kv motors with 1045 props but I thought it was going to set itself on fire so I went down to the 1000kv with 9047. It still runs very hot so I have put a heatsink on it and am even considering putting a 12v fan on that, I realise this thing is in a container with no air circulating around it however with the motor and prop combination I chose they are drawing less than 10 amps so I expected it to run cooler. It's certainly convenient but Ill be interested to see how long it last.

Edit: Although the Qbrain is suppose to have thermal protection built in I decided to add a small fan to the heatsink I installed earlier, just don't like how hot this thing gets.

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 Post subject: Re: DIY Waterproof Quad
PostPosted: Tue Dec 16, 2014 10:57 pm 
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Love it! :thumbup:

Chris Boultinghouse

 Post subject: Re: DIY Waterproof Quad
PostPosted: Wed Jan 21, 2015 3:03 pm 

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After I get my slinter v-tail in the air this will be my next project...I just need to have it ready in time for boating season.

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